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Thread: MGM data breach?

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    This is some text from a website that says my account was on that was breached. I have no clue how wildly known this is. "" is where you can see if your email is included.

    MGM Resorts (2022 Update): In July 2019, MGM Resorts discovered a data breach of one of their cloud services. The breach included 10.6M guest records with 3.1M unique email addresses stemming back to 2017. In May 2022, a superset of the data totalling almost 25M unique email addresses across 142M rows was extensively shared on Telegram. On analysis, it's highly likely the data stems from the same incident with 142M records having been discovered for sale on a dark web marketplace in mid-2020. The exposed data included email and physical addresses, names, phone numbers and dates of birth.

    Compromised data: Dates of birth, Email addresses, Names, Phone numbers, Physical addresses
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    Back to the latest hack.

    This was a very interesting read to me. It has some technical stuff which I only understand in the vaguest sense but the hackers take shots at MGM management including insider trading. Kinda funny and it was actually fairly hard to find the full statement.

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    MGM website still remains down for Rewards account access... that's crazy.

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