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Thread: Massa's in de cold, cold ground

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    This would be more fun if I understood any Spanish.

    Gustavo Petro, the commie president of Colombia, reacted negatively to the Argentine election news.

    In response, he was then trolled by right-wing Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele. This is what I get from the translator:

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    $YPF (oil company) likes the news:

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    Stock was already up 5% Friday, and has now added another 28% pre-market.

    I just sold a little, and will hopefully sell more when the market opens shortly.

    EDIT: Just tagged $15, now +40%!
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    YPF +40% today.

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    I sold about 40% of my holding. This move strikes me as overcaffeinated. The company is state-owned (51% iirc), which mitigates incentive for the socialists to destroy it. A sane head of state is not necessarily a requirement for success.

    I have a bigger position in EC Ecopetrol, nestled in the utopian paradise of Colombia.

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    Nothing interesting happens on the day after Thanksgiving.

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    YPF only +17% today.

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