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Thread: It's not Singer's $1.2 million, but it will have to suffice

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    Originally Posted by tableplay View Post
    Originally Posted by 1Hit1der View Post
    Here you guys go ...

    Originally Posted by coach belly View Post
    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    But that doesn't quite fit the scenario the dawg put out there.
    I thought I told you to get off my lawn.

    Timeline of the history of the region of Palestine.

    Battle of the toilet - Who can get there the fastest.

    The pot stirrer/smoker won the first line, and, the serious joker, the second. Ha.I guess the problem is that the Dawg might have taken such advantage of a legitimate business, and, next, stupidly gave himself away by paying "a little more right then and there".

    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    Ah, but look at the next solution, other than itself, of Gangsta Granny.

    Gangsta Granny ---> Angry Santa.

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    And right in time for Christmas. Ha.

    Originally Posted by MDawg View Post

    Eh...maybe not. Might take at least six sizes up.
    Pretty prescient.

    And, oh, a bit of trivia ...

    Max is the dog and companion of The Grinch, debuting as the secondary antagonist in the book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Max is also a prominent character in the television special, the film adaptation, and the musical adaptation.
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    Originally Posted by MDawg View Post
    Right V, all the pawn shop noted was someone walk in to try to sell something. I just stood back and waited while the shop examined and came up with a price. I'd already told the guy that I'd pay him more than whatever the pawn shop offered as long as the stuff was real gold.

    There were some diamonds and gems on the jewelry too, but I assumed the pawn shop was going to offer zero towards any of that and the price they offered to pay the guy was well below melt for the precious metal alone. I later had the stuff examined more carefully and all the gems turned out to be genuine too.

    These were not chains. I still have all that stuff I got that day. Did I or anyone I know ever wear any of it?

    AccountInQuestion I've been around and owned watches and jewelry all my life. I have friends and family in the business. I may not be as good as a professional at judging whether something is genuine, but I'm not that far off either. Yes all those pros test something to make sure, but they already have a good idea just by looking whether something is what it appears to be.

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    Originally Posted by MaxPen View Post
    Originally Posted by accountinquestion View Post
    Originally Posted by MDawg View Post
    Okay so how about this - one time at a watch shop that sold pre-owned pieces (not a pawn shop, a watch shop), I was looking through all his watches and found one that I recognized, a somewhat rare Swiss piece, and I knew it was solid gold too (marked PG on the back).

    It was in a tray with some crappy watches all plated. What had happened obviously was the owner had misread it as 14K PG plated gold, but PG alone means plumb gold which means 14K solid). I asked the owner how much, and he came with some pretty high price for a crappy plated watch, but a ridiculously low price for that particular especially solid 14K watch, and I pretended like I was debating, then just handed him the two bills.

    The thing was (is, I still have it), worth three thousand easily.

    Yes, it's not a watch I ever got around to wearing, but I might give it to someone someday.
    It would be very nice if you gave it to Kewl as a peace offering.

    Man that'd be the best Christmas for this forum that I can imagine.

    Zero chance...RIP

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    What's really neat is that the Dawg sits with 6666 posts, and 6*6 = 36, threads at the Wizard's. Ha.

    Something about, "Have other things to do for a while that are pressing."

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    Wonder what it means.

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    No matter where you go, there you are.

    How true that is.
    What, Me Worry?

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    Unless you've been there before, ie, see the future, however. Ha.

    Fuck the Buck.

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