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Thread: Apirone - Bitcoin and Altcoins payment gateway

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    Apirone is one of the simplest and most convenient services for receiving, processing, and sending payments in Bitcoin and Altcoins.

    Reliable platform from 2019 and great bilingual support. We happy to help you

    Use white label: free CMS plugins, donations widget, payment form or button, invoices and API.

    All incoming payments are free of charge for customers and merchants.
    For your convenience, we have expanded the possibilities of the service's commission. Now, we have two tariff plans for you to choose from:

    1) Fixed commission, which does not depend on the amount of the transfer and the number of transactions in the transfer.
    2) Percentage calculation of the commission (1% of the transfer amount).

    Switch a fee plan at any time, and calculate your benefit.

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    Released Cypto plugin for Prestashop. Forward Bitcoin and Altcoins directly to your wallet or exchanger.
    Switch convenient service fee from 1% to Fixed and back at any time.
    Manual, video and plugin at

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    'Dogecoin Is Currently Sick. Dogecoin is jammed/unresponsive etc. We know the issue is inscriptions clogging the network, and devs across the board, core, fdn, etc are now putting their heads together on various ideas from…'
    — Timothy Stebbing

    In the Apirone dogecoin wallet just choose custom network fee and sent transaction like in desktop wallet app. Dogecoin developers promise to fix core soon.

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