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Thread: A remake of Total Recall.

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    I loved the original Sci Fi thriller Total Recall, and I am disappointed that a remake is coming out in a couple of weeks.

    I wouldn't object if the new Total Recall only borrows the name and has a much different story line. But if its anything like the original I will ask the same question I always ask when a remake comes out:

    Can't Hollywood come up with a new movie idea? With all of the talent, with all of the money, with all of the scripts stuffed in the glove boxes in cars driving around town they can't find a new movie to produce?

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    I finally got to see it. It wasn't bad. Of course it has more "high tech movie making" in it which allowed for a lot more action. But I was more interested in the plot. Would it simply rip off the old movie? No. It was a new story line but with the same basic concept of mind altering drugs from Recall. Is it real, or is it a fantasy? Heck, it's a movie. And now, it's worth the rental.

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