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Thread: Tasha: the People Vote

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    What, Me Worry?

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    I’m going with 4 because of a combination of 2 & 3. I’m skipping #1 because I don’t believe she was ever diagnosed with Autism, it’s something she heard about over the years and is trying to use it to her advantage. It was never brought up in the past decade she was on gambling and other forums until recently as an excuse for her stupidity.

    She has been on Medicade most of her life and let’s be honest, ghetto quacks that accept that don’t do the tests needed for proper diagnosis. She obviously is retarded based on the stuff she posts and the urban rumor gambling stories she has repeated on the years. Only a true retard would believe them. And the pathological liar part of her comes from the low IQ.

    And Just plain stupid based on her gambling addiction, thinking that its the way she is going to change her life and get out of the ghetto. People have tried to help her and explain math to her but she’s too JPS to understand it. Nobody ever accused Rainman of paying to take a cab to a casino to play bingo and complain weekly you were one number away.

    By the way, great thread V.

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    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    What happen V? A fleeting moment of regret?

    The question was is Tasha

    1. Autistic
    2. Retarted
    3. Just plain stupid
    4. Combo of (please explain)

    Fixed it.

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    Yes, the fourth choice was (combination: please explain).

    Alas, due to operator error I couldn't change it to what I wanted.

    As for my opinion of Tasha...I agree with you that she probably is not autistic: she's quite social.

    Not sure she's retarded either, as she can write a coherent sentence or two, and most of the moon-faced Downs Syndrome folks can't tie their shoes: but I certainly cannot rule out mild retardation.

    I suspect that Tasha has had a lousy education, little support or encouragement while growing up, poor nutrition, questionable genes and a the end result is a lower than normal IQ, maybe around 80 or so.

    Yeah, just your typical ghetto dweller.
    What, Me Worry?

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    The only way to truly prove it would be to use the method in Trading Places.

    We could take everything away from MDawg, his upbringing, education, money and life experiences and put Tasha in his place.

    And send MDawg to the Miami ghetto broke with only a bus ticket and directions to the local casino/ bingo parlor with $100.

    Would MD find a way to turn it back into a fortune or would he resort to shitting on the floor of chicken joints? And would Tasha continue to win in Vegas or would she destroy his law practice in days?

    Or just maybe they would conspire together and corner the OJ futures market.

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    I tell you itís wonderful to be here, man. I donít give a damn who wins or loses. Itís just wonderful to be here with you people.

    MDawg Adventures carry on at:

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    Druff interviewed her on his anniversary PFA show.

    She actually sounded pretty normal.

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