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Thread: Selling Apple products

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    I'm eligible to receive an assortment of Apple products through the casino and I don't know how to sell them for the best price whatsoever. Does anyone know how to unload brand new Iphones, Ipads etc?

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    I get lots of Apple products from at least one of the majors, I even have an arrangement where they allow me to custom order the product, so that I get a higher configuration, for example iPhone Pro Max with 1Tb.

    The stuff we don't keep for ourselves, I sell on eBay. Also try OfferUp. I've literally met people at the casino resort valet port cocheres to hand off goods to them for cash. The OfferUp people tend to be cheapskates, but at least you don't have to pay the 10% commission eBay snags from sales, and have to deal with shipping (unless you want to ship - OfferUp allows nationwide sales too for many categories of products).

    Once you have sold to people on eBay, you may get in direct contact with them and sell directly - I have piranhas anxious to snap up whatever Apple goods I can get my hands on, albeit at slightly discounted prices because they have to re-sell.

    One advantage to eBay is that buyers feel more comfortable buying because eBay offers a guaranteed "must be as described" policy - when it comes to especially iPhones there are a lot of carrier locked ones out there, that might be factory sealed in the boite but are essentially worthless without professional black hat unlocking.

    You may PM me if your Apple stuff is high end, I'll buy it too. But to sell to me or anyone else directly via mail, you have to have some kind of payment system established that protects both buyer and seller, like PayPal, or a credit card processing merchant account.

    You're wise to get only Apple goods - those hold value better, versus PC products that are essentially worthless after a few years of depreciation.
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    Thanks MDawg for the advice. Have you ever tried Facebook marketplace?

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    I am sure Facebook marketplace is fine too. Only thing I understand about FB is that they are really touchy about brand names on there unless you are the factory authorized reseller. Sounds silly, but I have heard of people getting their FB accounts suspended over putting words like Rolex, Apple, Macintosh, etc. in their listings. Does it happen every time? No. But it can happen.

    If you look at enough listings from regulars you'll notice that sometimes sellers misspell the words to camouflage the exact brand name from the FB bots. Like RLEX etc.
    I tell you itís wonderful to be here, man. I donít give a damn who wins or loses. Itís just wonderful to be here with you people.

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    These days you have to be careful selling things online. It all depends on how the payment is made. There is enough demand you can sell them locally on facebook marketplace or nextdoor. I'd suggest cash as the payment.

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