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Thread: KFOX bans political ads from some newscasts

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    Great idea!!

    It's not like we don't see enough mud slinging ads already.

    Politics is a big part of news these days before the elections, so why have the ads telling that tale too?

    Gives the regular advertisers more bang for their buck.
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    Does this station allow political ads on some newscasts but not others? Eliminating them from ALL newscasts just might be a good idea. But I have to question why political ads would be restricted on only some newscasts?

    There have been radio stations in certain markets that have blocked political ads and that was both a programming decision and a revenue decision.

    Any details on the motives that this station had? Thanks.

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    From what I read it was their morning news and their 9-10 p.m. news...don't know if they do any other newscasts. They said the idea was to keep their regular advertisers happy.

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    Just curious, does any do disclaimers before political ads any more? Years ago, any political spot within a newscast was preceded by a four second "The following is a paid political announcement" disclaimer. Wanted to be sure it wasn't mistaken for a news story I guess.
    Haven't seen it in several years though...

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