It sure looks like a September stock market rally. In two weeks, the Dow has added more than 500 points, and the Dow is near 13,600.

Is it too good to be true?

History shows us that September is the worst month of the year to own stocks. We've had plenty of "September Slaughters" -- and some came even after a rally in the early part of the month.

And the two big stock market crashes came in October -- 1929 and 1987.

So, do you trust this September stock market rally? Or is this a sucker's rally or a fake-out rally (terms coined by Stan Weinstein, the famous stock market analyst and author of The Professional Tape Reader)?

We had a good bump this past week with the Fed's announcement to pump more money into the economy, but when the other shoe drops will it be the worry about inflation or that pumping money into the mortgage market alone won't do the trick?

500 points isn't much of a cushion should the sellers return. There are still two weeks left in September, and October is looming for those of us who follow seasonal patterns.