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Thread: "Revolution" on NBC

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    Now that Revolution is on hiatus I have time to think back on the plot and what might happen in the next season... and what went "wrong" with the story line so far.

    Here are the two big points that stand out:

    1. When all of the electrical power failed in the world, what kept the nuclear power plants from all going into meltdown? Or did they, and we just don't know it yet?

    2. In the last episode of this past season the lights came on -- but were the power plants around the world ready to turn back on as soon as the "little power suckers" were all switched to off?

    Any ideas?
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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    What a great season finale. The lights are on, power is restored, nuclear warheads are headed for Atlanta and Philadelphia as part of a plan to restore the United States Government and the President of the United States has been hiding out in Guantanamo, Cuba and now is getting ready to return to reunite the States into a United States. Let's not forget that Monroe is now a dictator without an army, and Nora is dead, and we got more clues about a love affair between Miles and Rachel and I still think we will find out that Miles is Charley's father. Can you pack anything else into an hour?
    NBC has a "preview" video on its website:

    Somehow I get the impression that the nukes get disarmed, Aaron dies, there is a struggle to reunite the country, but the power is switched off again. Could it be??
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    But were the power plants around the world ready to turn back.

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    Originally Posted by Adamman39 View Post
    But were the power plants around the world ready to turn back.
    This was the question I asked. Of course, it's only TV... and you have to give a little "creative license" to the show for having the power generators ready to go.
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    Revolution is back for season #2. And somehow I wish it had ended with season #1. Aaron is killed but comes back to life after two and a half years. Charlie has sex and destroys her image as an innocent girl who just happened to kill people in the previous season. And yes, there really is some kind of a romance between Rachel and Miles. Too many tangents, sorry.
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    Agree totally. It is confusing now as who is good or evil. Is Charlie planning revenge or going over to the dark side? Who is the dark side?

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    Charlie is still trying to kill Monroe but the rest of the story is now totally off track. They should have kept the power on and finished the show with the bombs wiping out the two armies.
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    Essentially, by the end of this episode, she'll have a whole new character to play, because there's no going back after something like this,.. It's the first of back to back episodes kicking off "SVU"'s 15th season...

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    I watched Revolution again this week and again I am disappointed. It now appears to be a story about a "post cataclysmic" world rather than a story about how to turn the lights back on. What made the original series interesting was the mystery of why the lights went off and how to turn them back on and now it's just a battle of survivors.

    I hope the series will get "back on track" and somehow, someway, bring back the theme of getting the lights back on.

    Somehow I think (at least hope) that will be the case. Otherwise, I am quickly losing interest.
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    Monroe is not dead. Drug. Buried. But not dead.
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    About the season finale: There were certainly a lot of "mini cliffhangers" in the season finale on Wednesday night's show. I say "mini cliffhangers" because we already know what will happen next. Aaron's girlfriend was saved by the nanotech kid before he disappeared; Aaron will be reunited with the rest of the group; Miles will have his near fatal infection cured; Tom Neville and his wife will continue their plotting to take over; Rachel will re-energize her romance with Miles, Charlie and Monroe will continue to distrust each other.

    What I want to know is are they any closer to getting the lights turned back on? And I think the answer is... not until they pull the plug on the series.

    I think the series has run its course and when Miles said what is happening is now like something out of the X Files it was very prophetic about the direction of the show. It went from sci fi to drama to X Files fiction.
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