Carmageddon II is coming this weekend. This is when the 405 Freeway will be shut down between the 101 and the 10 freeways, and all of officialdom is urging everyone to stay local, stay off the roads, and especially stay off the freeways fearing a carmageddon or major freeway superjam.

So I am wondering if you heard of any special deals or sales that are going on in an attempt to keep this Carmageddon weekend from turning into a retailing freeze-out?

If you hear of any sales, please post them here.

And if you are heeding the word of the officials and you are staying home, please be sure to watch our Special Best Buys TV Show that will be on Saturday afternoon at 5:30-PM on KTLA Channel 5. Then at 6-PM watch Channel 5's coverage of Carmageddon II.