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Thread: KNX radio listeners got an unexpected "treat" this morning.

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    I was surprised this morning when I got in my car and as I do every day turned on to hear the news on KNX 1070 -- the all-news CBS station here in Los Angeles. But today was different. Instead of the KNX broadcast, I was listening to KCBS radio out of San Francisco which was being simulcast here in Southern Cal because the KNX building was evacuated because of a suspicious package in the building's mail room.

    It was a treat listening to KCBS Radio. It was a polished, professional broadcast, without a lot of the "noise" and "hectic radio" that is usually broadcast on KNX. The business reporter on KCBS delivered a solid business report without what I would call the "Ron Radio" over enthusiasm that I frequently hear on local stations in LA.

    Even the traffic reporters and anchors at KCBS had a more "strictly business" presentation which made the sound of the station more appealing.

    Am I correct that KCBS uses fewer sound effects to punch up their broadcast? And it seemed that KCBS didn't have as many annoying short commercials. Frankly, I'm tired of hearing on KNX "when searching for... search for...." which as commercials tell me nothing and just clutter their sound.

    I wonder if KNX made a mistake by allowing its Southern California listeners to hear a smooth, polished, all news station today? I listened to KCBS hoping to hear more. It was good radio.
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    Do you listen to KFI at all Alan? Handel and Conway are my favorite shows there...

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    I've heard Handel on the Law on the weekends prior to the computer/tech show which is somewhat interesting. But I personally don't care for talk radio. I had a talk show on KABC for about 9 months and I admit I didn't listen to the station at all.
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