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Thread: Last Resort on ABC

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    Wow, what a start to a drama series. A combination of Seven Days in May, Dr. Strangelove, On The Beach, and Fail Safe.

    This is pretty intense. High fiction -- we all hope. And it is sure to get my attention having been a child during the era of basement bomb shelters.

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    I've watched every episode, and while different it's getting a bit contrived and is getting dragged out. This would have better been a movie than a TV series. I'll keep watching it because I want to see how it all gets resolved, but it doesn't have the punch as when it first started.

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    good episode this week

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    I watched episode #6 on the website last night, because I missed the TV broadcast. It's a good drama but the whole thing is not making sense any more. It's TV and lost it's "realism."

    With the current situation here's what we have: "Good, honorable naval officers" who not only refused to follow direct orders, but even launched a nuclear missile which they wanted to land in the Atlantic Ocean to scare "Washington" with no regard for anyone who might be killed in the Atlantic. They've attacked and killed other U.S. Military. They've taken over an Island and commandeered some kind of UN satellite station. And this crisis has been going on for weeks and weeks?

    Sorry, this would have been better as a two hour movie. I want an end and resolution of the story, already. Instead, we are getting into character development about a naval officer putting his career ahead of his beautiful wife. And all the while the world is on the brink of nuclear war and there is a world wide oil panic which has only been briefly mentioned.

    The show is missing its target -- even if it is about firing nuclear missiles.

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    Last night's episode certainly was good with lots of twists, but this whole story line is really pushing the envelope of reality too far. Now, we have the Pakistani Navy getting a sub past not only the U.S. Navy but also our heroes on the Island and their sophisticated defenses. Dramatic -- yes. Realistic -- no. But who ever said prime time TV was realistic?

    Of course the lack of realism includes how the sailors aboard the sub were able to watch the TV coverage on board the freighter with the hostages being show -- when there was no satellite hookup to the TV camera on board the freighter. But the general population didn't catch that.

    And talking to the Seals while trying to rescue the hostages? Come on now... would they really risk audible two-way communications when trying to sneak aboard a ship controlled by armed hostiles?

    I guess on prime time TV it's okay.

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    Last Resort is done, and I am disappointed. I thought the entire story -- though dramatic -- was not believable. But what really disappointed me was the ending. The hero (Chaplin) falls on his sword without seeing to a conclusion his purpose, the President is murdered, and the story line promises an investigation. It was an unbelievable story line from the start and finished with an unbelievable ending.

    It never should have been a series. It should have been a two hour movie that finished with arrests and not assassinations and killings.

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