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Thread: Is there a must have holiday gift for 2012??

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    I realize it's only the start of October and the elections are weeks away, and so is Halloween, but a little advanced planning doesn't hurt.

    So, what will be the hot holiday gift for 2012?

    Is it going to be the latest Android phone or iPhone or something else that hasn't hit stores -- or the news -- yet?

    How about a personal gift such as permanent makeup or gift certificates for spa treatments or a gym membership? A face lift? Invisalign?

    After several years of recession and a sluggish economy do you have money saved up for a big ticket item such as a Rolex or a new car or that big dream trip or cruise that you couldn't take for the last four or five years?

    And for the kids -- what do they want? Don't tell me they want an iPhone!! I remember when the hot kids' toy was Mr. Machine or Big Bruiser or Cabbage Patch dolls.

    Are you already stocking away holiday gifts and have you placed an order or put on layaway something that the kids are already talking about?
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Here it is just days away from the official start of the holiday shopping season. So... is there a must-have gift this year? Or is it all going to be about cell phones, again?
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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