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Thread: Do you try to negotiate prices, commissions, fees?

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    Money is tight for many of us these days. And I try to save a buck when I can. So do my clients in the advertising business. Many ask for a discount on services and if they are a good customer we do give discounts.

    When we buy media from broadcast stations and publications we also try to get discounts for our clients. It's just good business.

    But this about consumers. Do you try to get extra discounts? Do you negotiate fees?

    Many fees and prices are negotiable, if you ask. When I bring my car in for a repair I always ask if there is a discount for the Auto Club? If I were to buy a house, I would ask the real estate agent for a discount on the fees or commission? These days it's perfectly OK to ask your credit card company for a discount on the interest rate.

    But would you ask your doctor or pharmacy for a discount? Why not?

    If you got a traffic ticket would you ask the court for a discount if you plead guilty?

    You'd probably ask for a discount if you bought a shirt in a small clothing store owned by a single proprietor, but why wouldn't you ask for a discount at Wal-Mart or at Macy's?

    Did you ever think about asking for a discount at a gas station? But if you hired a house painter you'd probably ask him to do the job for less.

    Why is it okay to ask some businesses and professionals to do the work for less but it's not okay to bargain with others? For example, would you think about negotiating the surgeon's fee before your triple bypass? But you would shop around and compare prices for invisalign, wouldn't you?

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    Yes as a small business woman i always try to negotiate the prices and Its a behavior of every stock trader to do so

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    My father is a business man and He always trying to negotiate prices in every thing some times in my college fee haha

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