I am sickened by the photo of the subway rider in NYC who was pushed into the path of an approaching subway train. I am sickened to hear that the photographer was able to snap photos from a distance of about 150 feet away and says there was nothing he could do to help the man. I am sickened to hear that there may have been others closer to the victim who also could not help him. I am sickened to hear that someone pushed the man into the path of the train which started the tragic events.

It is hard to believe that the photographer was unable to do more to help the man, but he has said in interviews he could not do more as he ran towards the victim, and he thought his camera flashes might alert the train operator.

It is hard to believe that others on the subway platform were unable to do more.

It is hard to believe that someone would push the man off the platform and onto the tracks.

Was the Post wrong to publish the photo? No. Was the post wrong to caption the photo the way it did with "DOOMED" across the bottom of the page, and "this man is about to die" in the top right of the front page? I don't know.

It makes me cringe at the thought and the terror. It makes me cringe that people would want to see the photo and perhaps that some people would even want to see the mangled body after impact.