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I have hired Non AP's and provided them with a desperately needed income.

I have helped show people how to make living Via AP. There income and quality of life is better than what it was before they got involved. I have helped with moral support and friendship as well. I can't think of anyone who's life ins't better, at least financially, after getting involved with AP though or with me. Unfortunately, one guy did pass away, but he had heath issues due to his weight before ever getting involved. However, when he left this world he was no longer the person he was when we first met. He was a lot happier and had more money than he needed, and was doing things he never thought he would get to do. He had friends who cared and was part of something, unlike before he got involved.

There have been plays where I was tipping well over $300 a week for a long time to just a few bartenders. I was only in there for 20 hours a week or less. I have been on lot of plays where I was tipping significant amounts for long periods of time.

I can think of more things, but I have to go do some stuff around the house for the wife.
This place became totally UN-readable.

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